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Advancing African Sports

AfrokSports firmly believes that by harnessing the power of technology, African sports can reach new heights and compete on a global scale. Through its innovative initiatives, AfrokSports is creating a vibrant and thriving sports ecosystem that empowers athletes, engages fans, and propels African sports towards a future of excellence.

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Million dollar career

Transform Your Child’s Gaming Passion into a Lucrative Profession

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We believe in the immense potential of eSports to engage students, foster critical skills, and provide a platform for creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. Our educational services combine eSports-focused activities, curriculum integration, and community engagement to create an innovative and inclusive learning environment.

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We believe that the skills and mindset developed in eSports can be transferred to professional settings, driving innovation, collaboration, and employee engagement. Through targeted initiatives, training, and team-building activities, AfrokSports Performance aims to empower organizations in Africa to leverage eSports principles for workplace success.

Turn Your Gaming Passion into a Professional Career

Do you have passion for video game? You can become a professional gamer and compete at the highest level in the world of eSports. This online program is designed to help you achieve that goal. With expert guidance and practical insights, you will learn the essential skills, strategies, and mindset required to turn your gaming passion into a successful professional million-dollar career.

Pro Gamers Academy: Level up your game!

Whether you’re an aspiring professional gamer or seeking to enhance your competitive edge, our Pro Gamers Program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and support needed to succeed. Secure your spot by enrolling today and get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of growth and achievement in the gaming industry.

We build the most Advanced Custom Gaming PCs

From powerful processors and high-speed memory to top-of-the-line graphics cards and advanced cooling systems, we ensure that your gaming rig is optimized for exceptional performance.

We Set up cutting-edge gaming studios

From high-performance PCs and gaming consoles to immersive displays and audio systems, we ensure that your gaming studio creates an optimal environment for both casual gaming sessions and professional esports competitions.

Esports Health & Wellness

At AfrokSports, we are dedicated to the comprehensive development of athletes, recognizing that health and wellness are essential pillars of success in the ever-evolving world of esports.

Esports Team Development

At AfrokSports, we believe that strong esports teams are the backbone of the industry, and our commitment to team development reflects our dedication to nurturing and elevating the esports community in Africa.

Let's Help You Plan Your Esports Events

At AfrokSports, we specialize in organizing unforgettable gaming events and tournaments. Whether you’re hosting a small local gathering or a large-scale esports tournament, our experienced event management team will handle every aspect, from venue selection and equipment setup to tournament organization and live streaming. With our expertise, you can create an engaging and competitive atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike.

Afrok esport League

We are thrilled to invite you to the biggest esports event of the year, the Annual Afrok Esport League( AESL). Gather your team, sharpen your skills, and prepare for an unforgettable experience filled with intense competition, electrifying gameplay, and a chance to showcase your talent on a grand stage.

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